LGBTQI+ persecution in Uganda: emergency alliance formed

New queer alliance launches major nationwide fundraising campaign for LGBTQI+-.
Community in Uganda and calls for political sanctions

Berlin, 23.6.2023 — Under the umbrella “Queer Emergency Uganda” starts today a broad
Alliance of over 40 organizations, institutions and individuals from Germany,
Ghana and Uganda a nationwide fundraising campaign. 100 percent of the money goes to
the East African country’s LGBTQI+ communities. These are replaced by a new,
inhuman “anti-homosexuality law” threatens their existence.

“The solidarity expressed by the union of this organization,
is a reason for us as a community in Uganda to continue to fight for our existence and our
rights to fight for. We call all other organizations and individuals
to join this generous cause and work together against the
life-threatening draconian law to fight,” says Edward Mutebi, founder of Let’s
Walk Uganda.

The alliance has set up a donation account. It relies on the solidarity and
Support of the queer communities and all people in Germany who are committed to
Human rights advocacy.

The donations will go entirely to queer organizations in Uganda and will help alleviate the politically motivated plight of queer people, for example by providing emergency shelter, food, or legal advice.

The alliance also calls on the German government to quickly issue humanitarian visas for Ugandan queer human rights activists. They face decades in prison and life-threatening violence. In addition, safe escape routes are needed for queer people fleeing state persecution within the region. In addition, the alliance is calling for sanctions and the revocation of visas for all members of parliament, government officials and religious leaders who supported the law. The federal government must finally and swiftly withdraw funding from all religious organizations calling for the persecution and killing of LGBTQI+ persons in Uganda.

“We call on the German government to take seriously its commitment to a feminist and values-based foreign policy and to work internationally to condemn Uganda. It is fitting that Germany currently co-chairs the Equal Rights Coalition with Mexico. Words must now be followed by action,” says Dirk Ludigs, one of the spokespersons for the alliance.

Dirk Ludigs (Phone: +49 170 55 444 12)
Stephan Jäkel (Phone: +49 179 79 74 307)
further information:

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